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The Challenge 

Construction is classified as intensive information industry as massive amount of information needs to be exchanged timely between dispersed teams with many stakeholders involved in the process. The Handling of massive information using traditional methods has caused deficiencies in delivering proper information to project teams on time which is a major source of costly delays and rework


The System


CONPASS is a digital construction compass that can provide guidance / support to construction teams (field and office). Through their desktops and portable devices, users can use BIM Models interactively to retrieve construction documents (drawings, activities, BIM models... etc.) linked to their scope of work from BIM Visualized Database, as well as update construction information (such as: progress percentages) and synchronize it with centralized database to be shared with all teams instantly. Users can take tailored latest construction information on their screens in a few clicks, rather than monitoring this data from loads of papers.

CONPASS Solution


CONPASS is cloud-based solution comprises mobile and web applications that incorporates digital technologies, designed to streamline daily construction activities through real-time data sharing, integration, and coordination across stakeholders. The application was developed on top of 3D BIM technology, in which users can enjoy prevalent 3D interactive experience. Using CONPASS, tailored BIM models and information will be provided anytime, anywhere, to meet user needs.

System Competitive Advantages 

  • CONPASS can be used on/offline to retrieve and update construction information from anywhere at anytime

  • The application provides users with rich interactive 3D experience to view and edit

  • Cloud based solution that ensures full accessibility and clients data security

  • High graphical and user-friendly interface


System Components 

The system main components are:

  • 3D BIM model linked with integrated database for useful construction information

  • Webserver to host all types of data (BIM Visualized database & field data)

  • Portable application that work on top of BIM Visualized Database

  • Web-based desktop application to access BIM Visualized Database

The Application will be constantly synchronized with the BIM Visualized Database, ensuring users receive the latest data all the time, as all construction updates will be recorded and integrated into BIM models, then published and communicated to all stakeholders via BIM Visualized Database. To overcome the constraints of sharing BIM models, the application will use discrete 3D object files (zone / room) and therefore all associated data will be filtered and retrieved by room for users, this strategy will enhance usability and minimize limitations from sharing large files size as well as complex model


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System Functionalities

The main functionalities in CONPASS mobile and web applications summarized as below:








Users can view all the critical construction data such as: Pdf drawings, finishes types, BOQs, activities, progress and materials take-offs. Related to specific spaces (e.g. you can view materials Take-offs for certain room), Moreover, Users can interactively explore 3D BIM models within the application



Users can add, save and share markups on the project's 2D pdf layouts with the rest of the teams. In addition, User may select from the BIM models 3D objects (individual or group of elements) and add attributes such as actual progress and inspection requests completion percentages. (Models used for data collection)

Scope Management

On logging into the App via Web or mobile devices, user profiles are created, the scope of work can be verified or assigned to every user profile to enable activity tracking and monitoring, and by integrating AI into the application an algorithm based on activity dates and priorities is used to automatically generate tasks for each user. Finally, user’s scope of work is synchronized based on changes from 3D models and BIM databases and when updates affect their scope, users will receive automatic system notifications.




CONPASS can improve team collaboration with text/voice messaging and users may use portable devices native capabilities to add images, comments on construction issues, and attach them to certain areas to be shared with teams. In addition, the notification system helps users to track new changes in their scope of work.




Visualize searching

Searching capabilities on CONPASS application were enhanced by overlaying project layouts to their actual location on Google maps, enabling the user to have exact real time location of his/her position. App users can also enjoy the privilege of switching between map and room view, meaning that, if they are in the field and open the map view, they can switch to room view immediately view with all related construction documents retrieved to their screens. CONPASS works as a digital filter that can customize and display the information associated with your current location or any other location on the map.





CONPASS will provide users with access to forecasts of weather data over the next 5 days, including temperature, wind speed, humidity and weather condition overall (sunny, cloudy, misty ... etc.) which can give early warnings to building teams and offices to take better informed decisions.

Providing a Number 1 Service

ConPASS system was designed to be extremely flexible in terms of

Work On/Offline 

Mobile application can work both on/offline when there is no network coverage

Anytime Anyplace

BIM Models & latest information accessible from anywhere at anytime

Retrieve & Update

CONPASS system can be used to download and upload construction information