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Our core function at CONPASS is enhancing as well accelerating ever day’s construction operations through injecting innovation and high technologies into daily classical workflows/tasks. 

Advanced Filter


The Challenge

Selection tools inside the Revit doesn’t work based on certain, which means the user doesn’t have the capabilities to select a group of elements inside the Revit based on common parameter shared between these objects using the build in selection tools inside Revit. Likewise, quantification inside Revit based on selection and if the user selection capabilities are limited then the quantification options are less.

The Solution

Intelligent custom tool was developed by CONPASS team to overcome the issue and provide the user with more advanced selection capabilities. The developed Advanced Filter enables the user to view all the parameters related all elements inside the 3D Revit model and the user can design his own filter by selecting certain parameters and apply it on the Models elements. Quantification inside the Advanced Filter tool already build in and the user can already get it immediately. Options like invert selection, highlight selection on the model and selection from linked models were built inside the advanced filter custom tool.

Matching Properties


The Challenge

Copying 3D element or creating parts from 3D element in Revit will make the instance parameters associated with these newly created 3D elements to be copied, such as they are, from parent elements to newly ones. Also, creating new elements will result in empty instance parameters which need to be modified.

The Solution

ConPASS team developed a custom tool on Revit which enables the user to copy the instance parameters easily from element of specific category to another one of different category inside the BIM Model. Moreover, it can be applied efficiently by giving used the control of which parameters to be applied. The tool can be used as a key-board short cut for quick use.

Location by Grid

The Challenge

The construction teams on field need a critical references to define locations on site, one of these critical references is the project axis grid. Accordingly, QC team on site was requested to assign grid information to the 3D elements inside BIM models in order to use these grids as reference upon filling the required Inspections Requests.

The Solution

Special Add-in was developed on Revit to automate the process of detecting /assigning the grids location (Y&X axis) from the 2D layouts to each element on the 3D BIM Model as attribute. Worth to mention that this tool can be applied flexibly over 3 levels: all elements inside the Model/project, elements inside the active view and based on selected elements.

Electrical Tool Kit

The Challenge

Modeling tools for Electrical Systems’ components in Bentley AECOsim are not flexible enough. Bentley AECOsim's component modeling tools are not flexible enough. The major challenge in these tools was the time spent adding and/or editing symbols library as it grows. Similarly, coordinating electrical components with other trades, especially architectural finishes when electrical components need to be mounted wall / ceiling, requires time and effort, considering tools’ limited capacity. Finally, dealing with complex projects where thousands of electrical components need to be modeled and fixed in the right location using current manual methods creates many errors, inaccuracies and affects the quality of the BIM model.

The Solution

CONPASS team developed the Electrical ToolKit as advanced solution. User-friendly interface makes ToolKit easy to use. It includes library, filters, and reporting modules where each module contains tools.

In the Library module, electrical components are added to the library very quickly and easily, regardless of library size. The module also contains symbol search capabilities, which made the library navigation extremely fast. To improve coordination capabilities, tools that automatically scan the ceiling / wall finish level and then edit the height and rotation angle of electrical components to match ceiling / wall finish were integrated into this module. To overcome QC problems, a Filter module is added to the toolkit enabling the user to view all necessary information on the components placed and monitor their status based on custom selection in the current model and attached models. Finally, the Report module contains a powerful tool enabling the user to generate MTO reports based on selection criteria. This will always encourage the user to generate MTO reports at any stage of the modeling process to fix library errors and ensure specific BOQ items are covered in the model.



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