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Our Story

CONPASS team began work by developing custom tools, plugins and Add-ins to automate daily redundant tasks in construction projects. We have combined our BIM knowledge with IT skills to streamline the daily performance for project team. What started as an idea evolved into a startup that aims at developing creative ways to manage daily construction jobs.

The team passion in technology and innovation trends towards the construction industry is one thing in common among all the members of the CONPASS team. From our experience in the AECO industries over the last 15 years, we have realized that there were a lot of challenges and deficiencies in the industry performance overall. However, the construction industry suffers from many shortcomings, including: adoption of technology was very slow. Traditional and sometimes outdated processes and workflows. Decision makers have been conservative and teams were resistant to cooperate and embrace new technologies and fresh ideas.

Today CONPASS is a start-up that offers technology advanced solutions on top of BIM technology, the embracing of digital engineering and transformation is our goal to develop effective solutions that can boost construction productivity. We strive to shape up the future of project delivery in construction into healthier, safer and better terms by leveraging the power of digital technology alongside BIM capabilities.

Our Philosophy

As we are working in one of the highest risk, most competitive as well as demanding industries such as AECO industries, we realized that we need to embrace a flexible company culture when we can quickly adapt to industry changes, have rapid response to challenges and most important being always on the edge.

Flexibility is the hallmark that distinguish our business model as well as provided service. Embracing high end digital technologies besides innovation into our daily operations are the key elements to excel and achieve our flexible model.

At CONPASS we are adopting Agile methodology into our daily production/development workflows.  As the business agile framework by definition include all the critical elements to achieve flexibility.

Business Agility is the ability of an organization to:

  • Adapt quickly to market changes - internally and externally -

  • Respond rapidly and flexibly to customer demands

  • Adapt and lead change in a productive and cost-effective way without compromising quality

  • Continuously be at a competitive advantage

Our Vision

Introducing innovative ways to better adapt daily business challenges and needs

Our Mission

Adding value to our clients in Architectural, Engineering, and Construction and Owner-operated (AECO) industries through providing innovative, adaptive as well as high caliber services enhanced with digital technologies. Our commitment is to transform our client’s rigid operations into more digitally adaptive terms

Our Services

We turn things to become more exciting 

We help to transform our client’s business operations thorough application of smart digital technologies and innovation. Adapting digital technologies are enabling companies to boost their productivity, manage complexities, reducing cost over runs and delays and most important delivering safer and more sustainable construction. Our knowledge and skills combined with practical experience from the industry will add value to our clients’ business throughout the whole life cycle.

Software Development 

Through our in depth knowledge in the construction industry and BIM implementations alongside IT skills, we have the capability to offer our clients with tailored solutions ranging from customized plug-ins, Tools extending to develop Applications that aim at extending or adding new functionalities, automating redundant tasks and boosting productivity. Our team can work with multiple BIM Platforms (such as Revit & AECOsim) as well as other applications. (like Excel & Pdf) and our developed products work on top of the mentioned software’s.

BIM Services and Solutions

Throughout the daily construction operations we can identify critical tasks, workflows and process can be significantly improved for a better performance using innovation and digital technologies. In these situations adaptive BIM solutions is tailored and integrated within the current process/workflow to accelerate team’s performance through introducing higher capabilities in addressing current construction needs. Basically these tailored solutions are highly responsive comparing to classical approaches which can offer team’s wider perspective to address construction challenges more efficiently.


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